Notice of extraordinary general assembly

Postet av Norges studenttennisforening den 17. Sep 2019

This is a notice of an extraordinary general assembly to all members of NSTF and it’s suborganizations.
Location: OsloMet P35 room: “PH131”
Time: tuesday 08.10.2019 19:00

We, the board of NSTF regret to inform you that there will not be any more trainings this semester. During the last few weeks, the current board has discovered debt that were not declared by the last board. This extraordinary general assembly will discuss the boards action upon knowledge of said debt, and the future of NSTF.

Make sure to read the agenda for the specific points that will be discussed

Make sure to be there at 18:50 since the doors will close at 19:00 and entrance after this time will not be possible.

A link to the agenda:

If there is something you want to be discussed at the general assembly that is not listed on the agenda, this needs to be sent to within tuesday 24.09.2019.

No other points will be discussed than the agenda attached and whatever points brought up by members within the time stated above

This is according to the statutes and laws that the club is operating by.

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